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The #AGIROME course and program most updated information are internally shared with the students through University of San Francisco's Leaning Management System. The following is a list not selected publications and resources that can be helpful for an overview of Refugee Service Management, Anti-Human Trafficking, International NGO work, and Forced Migration Policies.

Must Read Documents:

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

The 1951 Refugee Convention 

The 2018 Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

The 2018 Vatican Paper Towards the Global Compact on Migrants and on Refugees 

Comprehensive Reading Collection:

Forced Migration Online (FMO):This is a large collection of full text reporting, journal articles and other electronic readings on Forced migration Online (FMO): a world of information on human displacement managed by University of Oxford – Refugee Studies Center. See

Jesuit Refugee Service Publications (JRS):JRS International has numerous publications highlighting their works on accompaniment, advocacy, urban refugees and other perspectives on refugee service. See

United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR):A large collection of professional reporting on refugee issues highlighting the NGOs and international challenges connected to refugee services. See

Global Policy Forum (NGOs):GPF collects different information and free reports on NGO management and policies. See

Humanitarian Relief and Emergencies Websites:

· Ocha:

· ReliefWeb:

· Humanitarian Response:

· Humanitarian ID:

· Inform-Index:


· PreventionWeb:

· HDH:



· FTS:


· World Humanitarian Summit:

· Insarag:

International NGOs Websites and Resources

· Human rights and NGO list (University of Minnesota)

· International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR)

· NGOs and the UN Rule of Law

· The Yearbook of International Organizations

· UN and Civil Society:

· United Nations Department of Public Information – Nongovernmental Organizations (UN-DPI-NGO)

· USAID and NGOs

· World Association of Nongovernmental Organizations (WANGO)

Humanitarian Emergencies Manuals and Guidelines:

· UNHCR (2011), The humanitarian emergency settings perceived needs scale (HESPER): manual with scale.

· WHO (2008), Manual for the health care of children in humanitarian emergencies

· UNICEF (2005), Emergency Field Handbook.

· UNU (1999) Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs)

JRS reading collection:

· JRS strategic framework

· JRS Rescued – what next? Protection seekers stranded in Sicily.

· JRS, Advocacy in Jesuit Refugee Service. Jesuit Refugee Services (2011). Available at

· JRS, Working with Urban Refugees. Jesuit Refugee Services (2013). Available at

· JRS, Side by Side: learning what accompaniment is all about. Jesuit Refugee Services (2011). Available at

UNHCR reading collection:

· UNHCR Global Report

· UNHCR report on the convention at 50 available at

· UNHCR Asylum seeker report 2012

· UNHCR, NGO Partnerships in Refugee Protection; Answers and Questions.

· UNHCR, Protecting Refugees: A Field guide for NGOs.

· UNHCR, Partnership: An Operations Management Handbook for UNHCR’s Partners.

Readings on the participating organizations:

· JRS, Centro Astalli

· Centro Astalli annual report – summary in English at

· Review the works of Caritas Roma here

· Read the Caritas International works on Immigration services and anti-human trafficking at

· Catholic Charities USA and Human Trafficking

· Explore:

· Explore readings in

· Explore IDLO website

· Check the resources at

· Community of Sant’Egidio

· Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

· International Organization of Migration (IOM)




Recommended Readings for your research:

· Polaris Project, Resources by Topics.

· US-DOS (2014) Human Trafficking Report 2015. Introductory Material and ‘Italy’ sections. Available at

· UNHCR (2007) Ten Point Plan of Action for Refugee Protection and Mixed Migration for Countries Along the Eastern and South Eastern Borders of European Union Member States.

· European Commission, The EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012–2016.

Refugee Studies Articles

The following is a list of selected peer-reviewed journal articles that can be used for the final research assignment and subject specific research. 

Aliaksei Igor, P. (2017). Keynesianism vs. Classical Economic Theory: European Refugee Crisis and the Fall of Multiculturalism. Journal of Education Culture And Society,Vol 7, Iss 2, Pp 13-20 (2017), (2), 13. doi:10.15503/jecs20172.13.20

Esses, V. M., Hamilton, L. K., & Gaucher, D. (2017). The global refugee crisis: Empirical evidence and policy implications for improving public attitudes and facilitating refugee resettlement. Social Issues and Policy Review,11(1), 78-123. doi:10.1111/sipr.12028

Huynh, J. (2016). Tales of the boat people: comparing refugee resettlement in the Vietnamese and Syrian refugee crises. Columbia Human Rights Law Review, 48(1), 198-240.

McBrien, J. L. (2017). Refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants: Help for teachers with problematic definitions. Social Studies Research & Practice, 12(2), 113-124. doi:10.1108/SSRP-03-2017-0001

Momin, S. (2017). A Human Rights Based Approach to refugees: a look at the Syrian refugee crisis and the responses from Germany and the United States. Duke Forum for Law & Social Change (DFLSC), 955-79.

Nawyn, S. J., Banu Kavakli, N., Demirci-Yılmaz, T., & Pantic Oflazoğlu, V. (2016). Human Trafficking and Migration Management in the Global South. International Journal of Sociology, 46(3), 189-204. doi:10.1080/00207659.2016.1197724

Ormsby, E. A. (2017). The refugee crisis as civil liberties crisis. Columbia Law Review, 117(5), 1191-1229.

Returning and Deporting Irregular Migrants: Not a Solution to the ‘Refugee Crisis’. (2016). Human Geography, (9), 101.

Scheel, S., & Ratfisch, P. (2014). Refugee Protection Meets Migration Management: UNHCR as a Global Police of Populations.Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies, 40(6), 924-941.

Simsa, R. (2017). Leaving Emergency Management in the Refugee Crisis to Civil Society? The Case of Austria. Journal of Applied Security Research, 12(1), 78-95. doi:10.1080/19361610.2017.1228026

Recommended NGO Reading

The following are a selection of best books in relation to the field of NGOs and international nonprofit.

· Ahmed, Shamima, and David M. Potter. 2006. NGOs in international politics. Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

· Edwards, Michael. 1997. Making a difference NGOs and development in a changing world.London: Earthscan Publ.

· Fisher, Julie. 1998. Nongovernments: NGOs and the political development of the Third World. West Hartford, Conn: Kumarian Press.

· Fox, Jonathan, and L. David Brown. 1998. The struggle for accountability: the World Bank, NGOs, and grassroots movements. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

· Goodhand, Jonathan. 2006. Aiding peace? the role of NGOs in armed conflict.Boulder, Colo: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

· Hudock, Ann. 2001. NGOs and civil society: democracy by proxy?Malden, MA: Polity Press.

· Lindenberg, Marc, and Coralie Bryant. 2001. Going global: transforming relief and development NGOs.Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

· Nejima, Susumu. 2015. NGOs in the Muslim world. [S.l.]: Routledge.

· Spires, Robert Weber. 2015. Preventing human trafficking: education and NGOs in Thailand.

· Tai, John W. 2015. Building civil society in Authoritarian China importance of leadership connections for establishing effective nongovernmental organizations in a non-democracy.Cham [Switzerland]: Springer.

· Weiss, Thomas George, and Leon Gordenker. 2007. NGOs, the UN, and global governance.Boulder, Colo: Lynne Rienner.

· Yaziji, Michael, and Jonathan P. Doh. 2009. NGOs and corporations: conflict and collaboration. Cambridge [u.a.]: Cambridge Univ. Press.

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