AGI Instructors

Marco Tavanti, Ph.D.
AGI-Rome Program Director
Professor, School of Management USF

Marco is a native of Tuscany, Italy. He worked for thirty years in global poverty alleviation projects with various NGOs in consultancy with the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations. In the last twenty years he has been working with academic institutions to provide experiential learning opportunities while fostering university-community collaborations for sustainable development, urban poverty reduction and global social responsibility. He directed more than 20 short term study abroad program similar to this one in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

He Chaired and developed various graduate degree programs including the International Public Service (IPS) and Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at DePaul University. He is President and co-founder of WEI and SCII institutes, two international NGOs dedicated to anti-human trafficking and transitional justice for sustainable development. He serves as international expert for FAO, IFAD and World Bank on indigenous and land rights connected with FPIC. He is full professor in the School of Management and Program Director of the Master of Nonprofit Administration. 

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Jane Pak, MBA, ABD
AGI-Rome Co-Instructor 
Refugee Transition Board Chair

Jane is an adjunct faculty member in the Master in Nonprofit Administration (MNA) program at the University of San Francisco (USF). Jane is the Board Chair of Refugee Transitions, where she previously served as Director of Strategy and Development; and is a regional representative for Human Rights Educators USA.She is pursuing her doctorate degree in International and Multicultural Education, with a concentration in Human Rights Education. Her dissertation focuses on the role of higher education among emerging leaders who have experienced forced displacement, and supporting their efforts towards peace and justice in origin, transit, and/or local societies/communities.

Jane has experience in government, non-profit, and for-profit settings having worked primarily in strategy, development, and consultancy roles. She has served on the boards and has volunteered with a variety of international and local non-governmental organizations. Jane holds a BMATH from the University of Waterloo (Canada), MBA from Clarkson University, and MA in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University. She has studied and completed certificate programs on Forced Migration from the University of Oxford; and Executive Program on Social Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.

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Chiara Peri, Ph.D.
AGI-Rome Immersion Coordinator 
Jesuit Refugee Service / Centro Astalli

Dr. Chiara Peri is an administrator of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and serves as Coordinator of the AGI-Rome program. She is Centro Astalli / JRS Italy's Policy and Advocacy officer and Coordinator of International Relations and Interfaith Programs. She has worked for JRS in various capacity since 2000. She is also subject matter expert in migration and refugee related funds at the European level (in particular RES, EIF and ESF). She participates as a researcher in several research projects related to international law and social policies and has published several studies on forced migration. She a sought lecturer on asylum, migration and strategy of social work and has been lecturing and teaching for various academic and training centers, including the University of San Francisco, Loyola University Chicago and Pontifical University Lateranense. 

Parallel to her work in the field of forced migration, Dr. Chiara Peri has been cultivating academic research for many years. Her speciality is history of the religions of the ancient Near East, of biblical philology and of Semitic epigraphy, with particular reference to the Phoenician-Punic civilization. She have written 2 monographs and several scientific articles, published in the main journals of the sector and on the proceedings of national and international conferences.

She is deeply passionate about diversity, interested in understanding how models of intervention can be adapted to different contexts and how cultural background, faith and identity play a role in social inclusion and community building.

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